What You’ll Be Drinking at This Week’s Barnsdall Wine Tasting, July 25

Silverlake Wine’s Randy Clement shows us what is pouring this Friday

Another week almost over, another Barnsdall Friday Night Wine Tasting Fundraiser coming up! Curious about this week’s line up? Silver Lake Wine‘s Randy Clement fills us in on what to expect:

Angel’s Wings Sauvignon Blanc, 2011, California
Classic Californian Sauvignon Blanc: light, crisp, with a softer, rounder finish. Slightly grassy and minerally, this kind of deal is made for the summertime! Also, profits from this wine go to a non-profit organization called “Common Ground” whose goal is to help people from all world religions better understand one another.

Mateus, NV, Portugal
One of the wines found stockpiled in Saddam Hussein’s private stash. In it’s current iteration it is a very light drinking rose with a little fizz to it. A crushable wine, indeed.

Backhouse Pinot Noir, 2013, California
One of our favorite red bang for the bucks in the store right now, the Backhouse Pinot Noir has beautiful red berry fruit on the nose and refreshing acidity on the palate. A perfect lighter-bodied summery red wine.

Famiglia DeRose Chianti, 2010, Italy
This wine was grown and vinted in the Chianti region of central Italy. However, it was handpicked, blended, and imported by our good friends Alphonse and his father Pat DeRose (who could destroy any Silverlake hipster in a mustache contest) that also make wine at their own winery and vineyards up in Hollister. Beautiful soft tannins and firm acidity make this a perfect and versatile picnic wine.