What You’ll Be Drinking at This Week’s Barnsdall Wine Tasting, 6/12

A Greek rosé and lambrusco’s long-lost kin are just two of this week’s picks from Silver Lake Wine’s Randy Clement

Another week almost over, another Barnsdall Friday Night Wine Tasting coming up! Curious about this week’s line up? Silver Lake Wine’s Randy Clement fills us in on what to expect—here’s what he has to say.

Public Space Activation. Hundreds gather, young, old, and those just recently grown, on that hilltop West Lawn (which will likely become the millennial generations inner-city Empire Polo Grounds). Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House is looking extraordinary, World Heritage Site-worthy even. In fact, Frankie L. hasn’t turned over this many times since they re-buried him back in ’85. Everyone is excited and proud, from the genius/brilliant/tireless curator Jeffrey Herr, who has returned the Hilltop temple to its “not in any of our lifetimes” 1920s condition (shoutout to any of those restorative cleanse juice companies: if you need the real-deal pitchman, he is the guy in the last sentence named Jeffrey) to the docents who take you on the tour with just a slight limp in their step (just because, plainly and simply, it’s like that).

This Friday we toast The City, this Los Angeles of ours. As always, the soundtrack will be the musical musings of KCRW’s Dan Wilcox. The only way Friday Nights at Barnsdall Art Park could be any better is if someone could get the man upstairs to flick the light switches on and off for us in rhythm.

Here’s what we’ll be pouring.

Carlos Basso ‘Dos Fincas’ Chardonnay Valle De Uco Mendoza 2012 Argentina
Sustainably farmed on the family estate in Tunuyan, a city in the western province of Mendoza, this gulpable, unfined, unfiltered chardonnay hits that fresh, crisp, clean, tropical note you look for when June in Southern California feels more like August in Southern New Jersey. Pair this with marinated, grilled, or roasted chicken and vegetables.

Skouras ‘Zoe’ Rose Peloponnesos 2014 Greece
We’re calling it right now. This fresh and fruity Greek rose from the Peloponnesos will no doubt be the favorite up on the hill this Friday night. With the emphasis on fruit and flavor, this refreshing rose will stop the beads of sweat from forming on your brow and put a smile on your face. Try it with grilled pizza topped with goat cheese, prosciutto, and fresh thyme.

Familia Castano ‘Hecula’ Monastrell Yecla 2009 Spain
You are going to love this. Lots going on in this wine. This is a big, deep, comforting, minerally red with savory, dark, earthy fruit and floral aromatics. It’s very expressive and fun to drink. Pair this with Chicken Tikka Masala, grilled lamb, or Carne Asada.

Frisk Rosso Victoria 2012 Australia
Spicy Merlot and Dolcetto planted by entrepreneurial Italian immigrants in the mid 19th century, this semi-sweet frizzante might be Lambrusco’s long-lost cousin. Served with a slight chill, this is the perfect match for that cheese and charcuterie plate or your favorite pasta.

Barnsdall Park Wine Friday Night Wine Tasting takes place on the West Lawn at Barnsdall Art Park, 4800 Hollywood Boulevard. Purchase your tickets on the Barnsdall Web site.