This “Dram, Daniel” Cocktail Is a Viral Meme Served in a Pineapple

The decked-out cocktail from Petty Cash is surprisingly delicious

This week’s “Sip of the Week” honor goes to Petty Cash’s uber Tiki cocktail: Dram, Daniel. Its garnish game is so strong. Not only does this crazy concoction have all the cocktail umbrellas, but a chaotic pile of Tiki paraphernalia. Pink flamingos, crazy straws, flowers, and even Internet sensation Damn Daniel’s white Vans (stolen from a Ken doll)! Not to mention that it’s served out of a pineapple. All eyes will definitely be on you when this baby is carried out to your table.

"Back at it with the white Vans!"
“Back at it with the white Vans!”

Photograph by Matt Wagner

However, Dram, Daniel, which is created by bartenders Matt Wagner and Ulysses Randolph, has got more than viral-worthy good looks going for it. It’s two Tiki cocktails in one! The Zombie, a Tiki cocktail traditionally so potent it’s served with a limit of two per person, and the Painkiller to help rein things. Instead of four rums and a brandy, here it’s a manageable mix of Diplomatico Exclusiva and Lemonhart 151 with the bittersweetness of Amaro Montenegro, spiciness of allspice dram, and sweetness of orange juice, pineapple juice, and coconut. The result is a complex cocktail that starts off sweet and finishes with a bite.

It’s definitely the perfect drink to order whether you want to get the weekend started or just crave the attention of the room.

Unfortunately, Dram, Daniel is currently only available on Friday through Sunday in really limited quantities (eight a day). “If the response is good, and we find a good alternative to the white ‘Vans’ that understandably keep getting stolen, we may sell it during the week and/or in single servings!” says Wagner.

So get to Petty Cash on the early side before they run out. And for the love of Daniel, please don’t steal his shoes.

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