This Summer Cocktail Is the Perfect Alternative to Rosé All Day

No patio is complete without it

If you’ve done “rosé all day” this summer til you can’t do it no more, thankfully there’s now another option: Big Bar’s new spRitzLyFe. The gorgeous rose-colored patio pounder hits all the marks. Light and low-proof, and it won’t weigh you down or knock you out. And because this pink drink is fairly dry and goes down easily you can put away several.

Funny enough, this cocktail, like Belcampo’s Strawberry Hill, owes its existence to underage drinking. Not that it’s sweet or will give you a killer hangover. Bar manager Cari Hah, whose new cocktail menu at Big Bar is inspired by everything that makes her happy, discovered a Swedish strawberry-lime cider that was “super yummy.” The 4-percent ABV cider reminded Hah of the strawberry wine coolers she snuck when she was a teen. And it was a natural fit in a very sophisticated spritz-type cocktail. Plus she really wanted a pink drink.

“With pisco and Lillet Rose, that grape-on-grape action is really nice with the strawberry-lime cider,” explains Hah. “Especially because Kappa pisco has such a nice, bright, light flavor. That combination lengthens the cider and gives it depth.”

The cocktail’s perfect balance of strawberry sweetness, bright citrus, and effervescence urges you to keep on sipping. And spRitzLyFe was engineered for summer day drinking by quenching your thirst without putting you down for the count. Just how you want to spend the last days of summer.

By the way, I’ve already put in a request for a pitcher size serving. Alcove Café and Big Bar, 1929 Hillhurst Ave, Los Feliz, 323-644-0100