Shift Drink: Zach Jarrett & Zak Walters of Salt’s Cure

The butcher boys of WeHo sip on amaro and sparkling wine post work
The guys of Salt’s Cure know how to do a lot of things really well, including but not limited to: butchering, brunch…and drinking. Zak Walters and Zach Jarrett, chef/co-owner and butcher respectively, have amazing taste in wine, love sherry, enjoy Italian amaro, and revel in anything funky or weird. They’re always curious to try something new and dig into anything delicious. Read on to see what they like to sip on after the dinner rush clears. 
What’s your shift drink?
ZW: Normally whatever is open in the wine fridge. Sparkling is the best, crisp and clean. If I choose red, I will be asleep before I am able to lock the door. A Campari spritz will get me out for a round, and of course the sultry amaro—that is normally with Paddy at Terroni. 
ZJ: After a shift, I always go wine. Usually something white or sparkling and natty. The Los Pilares sparkling muscat has been my go-to for the last few weeks.