Shift Drink: Sotto’s Zach Pollack

The chef of Silver Lake’s upcoming Alimento prefers his Negroni with rye

One could say Zach Pollack, chef/owner of Sotto, is a master of perfectly blistered dough. His wood-fired Neopolitan style pizzas are a thing to behold and devour, as well as just about anything else on the menu at Sotto. Luckily, we’ll be able to enjoy even more of Pollack’s food at his second restaurant Alimento, opening later this month in Silver Lake. As is no surprise, considering his style of cooking, Pollack’s drink of choice after a long day on the line is a riff on an Italian classic.

So what’s your shift drink?

“A rye Negroni. I’ve been smitten with Negronis ever since my first sip of one, and while nothing can quite compare to the original (as in with gin), subbing rye whiskey makes it a tad more appropriate when the evening is winding down. If that makes any sense at all.”