Shift Drink: Patrick Daniel, Terroni & Osteria La Buca

A bartender with a no frills approach to late-night imbibing

Welcome to Shift Drink, where we take a peek into the post-shift drinking habits of L.A.’s finest food and drink personalities.

Patrick “Paddy” Daniel is a man people are always very happy to see. He’s the definition of a gracious, speedy, talented, helpful and (very) funny bartender. From perfecting a Manhattan at 14 in his hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma to working packed college bars in New Mexico and running his own bar program at Manhattan Beach’s Zinc Lounge, Paddy has and kinda can do it all.  Now a pro at Italian-centric cocktails, he spends his nights professing his love for Amaro and dispensing wine advice from behind the bar at Terroni Beverly and Osteria La Buca. Read on to find out what quirky shot he likes to knock back after a long night.

What’s your shift drink?

“After a shift, I find myself ready to check out. That means, as much as I love a well-crafted cocktail, I need a beer and a shot.  It’s a pairing game. mezcal & Mexican amber beer, whiskey and a lighter-style American beer with a touch of hops, or Fernet (and there’s always Fernet) and a farmhouse ale. I still drink—and get shit from my bartender buddies for—the combo of a beer and a shot known as the “Lunch Box.” My variation is light beer, amaretto, and lemon juice all in one drink. Goes down quick and reminds me of hot Oklahoma summers.”