Shift Drink: Nick Meyer, Soigné Group and Sprout L.A.

A bartender with an appreciation for late night hydration…and shots

Welcome to Shift Drink, where we take a peek into the post-shift drinking habits of L.A.’s finest food and drink personalities.

Nick Meyer is a native Angeleno but actually began his cocktail career in Melbourne, Australia, learning classic cocktails at 1806. Upon returning home, he began working under the one and only Julian Cox as bar program director for Sotto. The two continue to develop drinks side by side, with Meyer now holding the position of beverage director for Sprout L.A. and Soigné Group, where they co-run operations for the bar programs at Bestia, Sotto, Picca, Brilliantshine, Petty Cash, Barrel & Ashes, and Redbird.

Meyer was recently named the U.S. winner of the Diplomatico World Tournament, beating out some of the country’s top bar talent. He will head to Venezuela next month for the world finals, where he will surely be drinking plenty of rum. Until then, let’s see what he dips into after a night behind the stick at any number of the fantastic restaurants he has his hands in all over L.A.

What’s your shift drink?
“It’s a shot of mezcal and a huge glass of water, followed by any beer. On occasion I’ll have another shot–it’s 60 percent water!”