Photo Gallery: What To Drink on Salt’s Cure’s New Cocktail Menu

The meatery’s liquor list has expanded in big ways

When chefs/co-owners Chris Phelps and Zak Walters moved meat-tastic restaurant Salt’s Cure into the former Ammo spot on Highland Avenue in Hollywood, not only did it mean double the space, but also triple the booze. There’s now a full-blown bar program to go along with your grass-fed steaks by none other than Daniel Zacharczuk, formerly of the Varnish and Walker Inn. It’s exciting news for both the restaurant’s fans and those who don’t want to make a reservation to check out Zacharczuk.

However, don’t expect intricate presentations with gorgeous glassware or ingredients made with centrifuge here. The barman’s new menu very much aligns with the philosophy of the kitchen: doing simple things very well. They’re straightforward drinks crafted with seasonal ingredients. “The Dove + Sands just lists grapefruit as an ingredient but it could be made with Oro Blanco one time and Ruby Red the next. It depends on what we get in,” says Zacharaczuk.

And the bar is all about using every bit of the produce to cut down on waste. They’ve minimized the use of garnishes and they dehydrate the peels of de-juiced citrus to serve up as bar snacks instead of throwing them out. Zacharaczuk says he was humbled by the amount of food thrown out at the end of the night when he used to work at TGIFridays back in the day.

There are lots of variations on classics and some venture into the mashup category, like the Sidecar Collins (Sidecar and Tom Collins) and the Dove + Sands, which is a combination of a Paloma and Sasha Petraske’s Shifting Sands. Zacharczuk is not reinventing the wheel but he is offering pleasant, well-crafted alternatives to wine and beer to be enjoyed with the food.

Standouts currently on the menu are that clean Dove + Sands, spicy Pearson Buck, and easy-drinking Singapore Sling. Salt’s Cure also started serving up brunch just last month with new daytime-friendly cocktails like a bottled Dirty Martini soda and even a Colorado Bulldog.

redarrow Salt’s Cure, 1155 N. Highland Ave., Hollywood, 323-465-7258