What Rich People Drink at Scopa Italian Roots

Steve Livigni and Pablo Moix Debut a big-bucks cocktail menu

Apparently big spenders frequent Scopa Italian Roots near Venice. The beach adjacent restaurant quietly debuted a “Segreto Cocktails” (aka “secret cocktails”) menu featuring big-buck libations just last week. We’re talking drinks ranging $125 to $375 EACH. Why so much? They’re made with ultra-rare and premium spirits like Whistlepig’s limited edition “The Boss Hog” rye and The Macallan 25-year single malt scotch, costing not much more than if you ordered the booze neat.

True, expensive cocktails aren’t a new thing in L.A. There’s that $100 margarita at Red O, Copa d’Oro’s $85 Gold Plated Sidecar, and 10 Pound’s $55 Alt-0,1,6,3, to name but a few. But that’s all chump change compared to these triple-digit prices on Scopa’s secret menu.

Now what possessed Scopa co-owners/drink makers Steve Livigni and Pablo Moix to make mixed drinks out of their most expensive spirits? A lot of their customers actually ask for them. “Somebody comes in and they’re ordering Hirsch on a regular basis or they’re ordering those expensive things, that’s just the world they live in,” said Livigni.

However, not wanting to experiment with $300-an-ounce whiskey or leave it up to the bartenders, they wanted to create a dialed-in menu. So Moix selected six spirits and R&D’d baby cocktail portions first. “We didn’t use a lot of product, like a quarter ounce of this and a quarter ounce of that and they taste amazing,” said Livigni.

Here’s the drink list:

Anejo Manhattan ($170):Gran Patron “Piedra” extra anejo tequila, Gran Lusso limited edition vermouth, Licor 43

De la Louisiane ($125): Whistlepig “The Boss Hog” limited edition rye, Delamain “XO” cognac, Benedictine, bitters

Fancy Free ($375):A.H. Hirsch “Reserve” 16 year bourbon, Maraska maraschino liqueur, bitters

Rob Roy ($175): The Macallan 25-year single malt scotch, Gran Lusso limited edition vermouth, bitters

Man About Town ($200): Charbay Whiskey “III,” Campari, Nonio Amaro Quintessential, bitters

Mexican Firing Squad ($150):Casa de Dragones “Joven,” grenadine, lime, bitters

For those on a first date worried how balking at such a list will make you look to your intended, don’t sweat it. The Segreto menu won’t be dropped at every table; you’ll have to ask for it. “We don’t expect people to order cocktails like that,” said Livigni.

So, what has been the most popular Segreto cocktail so far? The Anejo Manhattan. And, nope, no one has ordered the $375 Fancy Free just yet.

Scopa Italian Roots, 2905 Washington Blvd., Venice, 310-821-1100