Recipe: Caña Rum Bar’s Angostura Bitters and Strawberry Ice Cream

Hold onto summer with this bitters-tinged ice cream

If you haven’t tried Caña Rum Bar’s boozy ice cream float, Schoolyard Crush, yet, get thee to Downtown right quick. In this decadent root beer float-style cocktail made with rum and Mexican Coke it’s all about those few scoops of house-made Angostura bitters ice cream, which has become a Caña staple. (There’s talk that a Manhattan ice cream may appear on the fall menu) And there’s no better way to pass a warm L.A. night than enjoying that bit of indulgence on Caña’s patio.

But if you’d like to make the bitters ice cream at home yourself, Angostura bitters fiend and Caña GM Danielle Crouch generously shared her recipe which, up to this point, had been a secret.

“We tried a few different methods before we settled on the one that we use. We found it to be the easiest to execute and also the only one that firmed up with a full serving of booze per cocktail. Most boozy ice cream recipes call for a couple tablespoons for flavor or the method involves cooking which of course leads to the alcohol evaporating away. My ‘a-ha!’ moment came to me when I was thinking of Jell-O shots. They firm up and a few of those can leave you feeling pretty giddy. So, I tried adding gelatin to the Angostura bitters and it worked!”

“We use a Cuisinart ice cream maker ($60 at Sur La Table) that really only allows us to make one batch a day which serves four cocktails. We are hoping to get the Breville ice cream maker in the future ($400) which means we can make batch after batch because it has a condenser built into the machine. This will be awesome because it means that we cannot only make more Angostura ice cream, but that we can experiment with all kinds of others as well.  Donations gladly accepted!”

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