Put a Label on It: Seven Steamy Wines

Judging wine by its label

Kama Sutra, Ménage à Trois, Allure: these aren’t steamy book titles, they’re bottles of wine. Grown and produced in California, they aren’t Napa’s finest, but the lusty labels and frisky names will have you hot and bothered before you can even grab the wine screw. Find your type, below.


Sexy Wine Bomb | Explosively hot chick sitting on a bomb holding a bottle of wine.. nuff said. » sexywinebomb.com

Sexual Chocolate 2012 | If you’re riding solo, this wine’s got a name so hot it could be your date, you know, if it’s that kind of Valentine’s day. » slowdownwines.com


LXV Wine Summer Satine 2012 | Named after the 65th act of kama sutra, this wine will let actions speak louder than words on Valentine’s Day. » lxvwine.com

Allure Bubbly Peach Sparkling Wine Charming and Bubbly.. if this wine’s invited you might have some competition. » allurewinery.com

and Pink..

Ménage à Trois Rose 2012 | The name says it all, so make sure to buy more than one bottle if you’re planning on inviting a third into bed. » menageatroiswines.com

Be.Sultry Sangria | This wine gives orders, but you won’t mind getting bossed around after a few sips. » bewinery.com