Preux & Proper Brings Flair Bartending and Frozen Daiquiris Downtown

Party like it’s TGI Fridays in the ’80s

Who knew that the space that formerly housed The Parish was perfectly suited for a New Orleans-inspired restaurant? Step inside the new Preux & Proper and you’ll see that the once awkward counter by the front door is now the ideal spot to showcase six frozen-daiquiri machines and a bar. Upstairs with all of the dining room’s windows open, you feel compelled to throw beads down at the passersby on Spring Street. If it wasn’t so quiet in this part of town and the patrons weren’t wearing so many articles of clothing, you’d be fooled.

But do the shenanigans of the notorious Bourbon Street have a place in Downtown L.A., what is considered the heart of the city’s cocktail renaissance? P&P co-owner and New Orleans native Joshua Kopel thinks so. Although he understands that it’s an extremely competitive market and has hired Pablo Moix (Scopa Italian RootsThe Chestnut Club) to consult on the cocktail menu, he’s all about bringing that Big Easy vibe to the Broadway Theater District.

That means maybe not taking drinking so seriously and embracing the following:

Flair bartending: Kopel says half the bartenders on staff are flair bartenders. “In New Orleans, you don’t get a drink, you don’t get a meal, you get a show, and that’s what I wanted,” he says. “Envision TGI Fridays in the ‘80s when it was the go-to spot. If you’re going to come here and you’re going to spend your money with me, we’re going to give you a song and a dance.”

Frozen daiquiris: There are six flavors for your brain-freeze boozing pleasure: Irish Coffee, Call a Cab (watermelon), Rocket Fuel (like Sunkist), Pina Colada (coconut moonshine), Mint Julep, and Strawberry Margarita. It’s $10 for 16 thick, frozen ounces, served in Styrofoam Go-Cups, which of course you can’t take out of the restaurant. This isn’t actually New Orleans, remember.

Moonshine: Kopel comes from a family of bootleggers, so he has a special affinity for moonshine. The bar has 24 brands of moonshine, making it, according to him, the biggest moonshine collection in L.A. But he’s working on growing it even more so that it’s the largest on the West Coast. “We’re working with brokers to get every moonshine there is out there,” he says.

Preux & Proper officially opens tomorrow.

redarrow Preux & Proper, 840 S. Spring St., Downtown, 213-896-0090