New Modern Times Brewery Downtown Will Focus on Weird Beers

The San Diego-based brewery wants in on the hot new Downtown beer scene

Modern Times Beer sells almost as many brews in Los Angeles as it does in its home town of San Diego. So for founder Jacob McKean, creating a brewing outpost in Los Angeles is a no brainer. “I’ve been following the L.A. beer scene from the beginning. This is my chance to contribute to awesome growth of craft beer in L.A.,” McKean says.

Specifically, he’s adding to the awesome growth of the Downtown beer scene here in Los Angeles. The Arts District has exploded as a beer destination with nearly a half dozen breweries opening there since 2014. The new Modern Times facility will anchor what could be the next hot DTLA  neighborhood for brewing madness: South Park.

The brewery will rock a 10-barrel system dedicated to experimental one-offs and ambitious new techniques. “New yeast strains, new hop varieties, new ways of brewing existing beers, and one-off recipes we’re just excited about,” he says. Weird beers, full food service, and a patio out front: yes, please.

McKean is from Los Angeles originally, so this is something of a homecoming for him. “Growing up in L.A. means I spent the majority of my early life stuck in traffic. As such, I’ve become a huge advocate for pedestrian, bike, and transit-oriented places.”

To that point, McKean says the Downtown spot (830 S. Olive Street) is a vote for the future of sustainable cities. “The redevelopment of Downtown is prioritizing human-scale transportation, and that’s just hugely exciting for me. If we keep pushing in that direction—more bike lanes, more density, even better subway access—I believe DTLA has a chance to become one of the world’s truly great urban centers, “ he says.

A great urban center to be sure, and also—with investment from breweries like Modern Times—a great beer capital as well. Look for Modern Times Downtown as early as this fall.