New Brewery Alert! San Fernando Brewing Co. Brings New Brews to the Valley

The Valley’s latest brewery and taproom pours clean, chill beer

Vic Chouchanian loves the Valley. He has a day job in Hollywood, and colleagues often grimace when he says he lives in north of the 101. “Don’t feel sorry for me,” Chouchanian says. “This is where I want to be.” And it’s where he wants to brew too.

Chouchanian, his brother Joe, and two other partners recently soft launched the Valley’s latest brewery, San Fernando Brewing Company, in an effort to bring better beer to the area. “When we decided to do this, there weren’t any breweries here at all,” he says. The Valley now has a few other brew spots (notably MacLeod Ale Brewing, an all-cask brewery that specializes in traditional British beer), but it’s still something of a brew desert in a county that now boasts several dozen craft breweries.

As for the beer itself, San Fernando Brewing is slinging clean beers—crisp, refreshing pale ales; sweet, malty reds; and a stout that’s getting rave reviews (they were out of it when I visited, but Chouchanian reports that it’s a favorite).

And the names of each brew reflect Chouchanian’s love of the Valley. Wolfskill (IPA) refers to a street that runs through San Fernando city, Stoney Point (stout) is a park in Chatsworth, and Royal Road (pale ale) is a transliteration of El Camino Real.

The brewery is still working out kinks in the supply chain – they keep running out of beer. But Chouchanian is hoping for a grand opening celebration by the end of the month.

San Fernando Brewing Company, 425 Park Ave., San Fernando