Lou on Wine: Apple Mint Vermouth

The short story on what to drink this month

Uncouth Vermouth

The first rule of Vermouth Club: Dump that dusty bottle down the drain. Vermouth is wine, and an open bottle stays fresh for two weeks if you’re lucky. The second rule of Vermouth Club: Drink only vermouth that you’d be content to sip straight. Bianca Miraglia of Uncouth Vermouth makes one you’ll have trouble keeping from your lips—and yes, she operates out of Brooklyn. It’s called Apple Mint, though it doesn’t contain apple but rather an apple-scented cultivar of mint. The taste is va-va-voom in your face: pungent, off dry, a little tannic but balanced, with the snap of fresh ginger—though it contains no ginger, either. It’s delicious on its own, but also try it in a Moscow Mule, replacing half the ginger beer with the vermouth.

Food pairing: Grilled oysters casino at L&E Oyster Bar.

Available at: Bar & Garden, 6142 W. Washington Blvd., Culver City; $42.

Lou Amdur owns Lou Wine & Provisions.