Learn How to Make Michael Lay’s Pimm’s Cup from Tastemade’s New Event Series

Gallivant, a celebration and gathering of L.A.’s all-star chefs and mixologists, kicks off this Thursday

Ever wonder how chefs are inspired? What gets their wheels turning and enables them to put unique flavor combinations together? Tastemade’s inaugural food event series called Gallivant, which kicks off this Thursday in Santa Monica, gives food lovers the opportunity to find out.

Attendees will get to ask chefs like Mozza’s Nancy Silverton, Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo of Animal and Jon & Vinny’s, and Alma’s Ari Taymor all about the stories behind some of their hottest dishes. The event’s interactive stage will showcase tastings and Q&As with chefs. And for further fun there will also be live DJ sets by Peanut Butter Wolf and DJ Them Jeans, virtual reality experiences (at Curtis Stone’s Maude and various music festivals), and the premiere of a short film on the Urban Explorers of Instagram. The $40 all-inclusive tickets are already sold out but there are still $80 early access ones available.

And, oh yes, there will be booze with cocktails from the likes of Broken Spanish‘s Michael Lay and Corazon Y Miel’s Robin Chopra as well as craft beer pairings with Goose Island Brewing Co.

To give you a taste of what to expect, here’s how Michael Lay’s Surfer Rosa cocktail, which is available at Broken Spanish, came to be.

Lay has always been a fan of Pimm’s and makes a point to always feature a Pimm’s cocktail on his menu. Why is he a fanatic about England’s second most popular drink (behind tea)? “I like the bitterness and there’s a bittersweetness to it. I like the fact that I can knock a couple back and not get drunk.” It was perfect for the Broken Spanish cocktail menu when he was looking for a Mexican-inspired cocktail without agave. “It’s not a tequila or mezcal cocktail, it’s a Pimm’s cocktail but with Ancho Reyes chili liqueur and the strawberries. It almost tastes like it was a margarita variation and I thought that would be something cool,” Lay says.

Naturally the Surfer Rosa was the first thing that came to mind when he was asked to come up with something for Gallivant. “They want something refreshing. It’s good, it’s not going to get people drunk if they have a few of them.”

To get an appetizer of Gallivant, here’s the Surfer Rosa recipe to make at home.

Surfer Rosa
by Michael Lay of Broken Spanish and BS Taqueria

1 oz. Pimm’s
.375 oz Ancho Reyes chili liqueur
.5 oz lemon juice
.5 oz strawberry shrub*

Combine all ingredients in a ice-filled shaker. Shake then strain in a rocks glass filled with new ice.

* Strawberry Shrub (makes 5 quarts)

600 Grams of Strawberries
600 Grams Sugar (evaporated cane – hipster sugar)
4 oz balsamic vinegar
4 oz sherry vinegar
agave nectar

Clean off strawberry stems and slice the strawberries in half. Combine strawberries with sugar and let sit at room temperature for several hours until the juices leach out into the sugar. When the juices have consumed the sugar, simply run the mixture through a chinoise or coarse metal filter reserving the liquid and discarding what’s left of the strawberries. In a blender, combine strained strawberry liquid and the vinegars and blend for 1 minute on medium. Measure out final mixture. Add that exact amount in agave nectar and mix together. For example, if final strawberry & vinegar mixture is 16 ounces, add 16 ounces of agave nectar to it. Place mix into deli cups.