The LA Beer Fest Is This Weekend, and If You Care About Beer or Fests, You Need to Be There

Reminder: Eat heavy foods, drink lots of water

There will be ales. There will be lagers.

There will be porters, stouts, and malts. There will be saisons. There will be ESBs. There will be ciders. There will be alcoholic ginger beers. There will be IPAs for all you sickos who are in it for the hops. Yeah, come at me.

The LA Beer Festival is going down this Saturday, April 8, and, like, a billion breweries (give or take 999,999,999,920) are showing up with their finest barley-based adult beverages on tap.

Shoutout to Boomtown Brewery, which literally just opened a new taproom in the Arts District. Shoutout to San Francisco’s Anchor Brewing, which seriously has the best-designed labels in the game (and also great beers, but if we’re honest with ourselves, we all know the label is just as important). Shoutout to DTLA’s Iron Triangle because you cannot go wrong with a crowler of their dark ale (and because I won their trivia nights numerous times last year and got lots of free drinks and am thus positively disposed towards them). Shoutout to Lagunitas, which, I am happy to report, is still putting the “pub” in “public radio” after all these years (I see you This American Life fans). Shout out to all the other breweries I didn’t arbitrarily single out from the massive list of festival participants.

Okay, so that went a bit long, but the point is: There’s going to be so much beer, guys.

It’s all going down at LA Center Studios downtown. The day is split into two time slots—noon to 3 p.m. and 5 to 8 p.m. Tickets range from $45 to $80. Along with beer there will be plenty of food trucks, live music, and probably only two of your (completely schwasted) former coworkers. Don’t miss it.

Thomas Harlander is a staff writer at Los Angeles magazine. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram. He recently wrote: Some of the Best Donuts (and Fried Chicken) in the Country Are Coming to L.A. This Week