L.A. Bartenders Reveal Their Most VIP Pours

It might take some sweet-talking to get a taste of these spirits

Bartenders stash away some of their rarest bottles, saving the coveted spirits for regulars. With enough time (and money), you might be deemed worthy of one of these liquors.

theessentials_masa_t2005 Herradura ($50 for 1 oz.)
“We have a bottle—from before spirits giant Brown-Forman bought the tequila company—that we only share with friends.”  Josh Goldman, Brilliantshine

theessentials_masa_t1950 Chivas Regal ($100 for 1.5 oz.)
“We have some vintage stuff for special guests. The Chivas we save specifically for a couple of regulars who love it.” — Jared Meisler, the Pikey

theessentials_masa_t2014 Plantation Pineapple-Infused Rum ($14 for 2 oz.)
“I just got a delivery of a very tightly allocated bottling of this new pineapple rum. I make it available only to savvy customers.” — Joseph Swifka, La Descarga

theessentials_masa_t1999 Sheep Dip Amoroso Oloroso   (not for sale)
“I’ve cut everyone off this whiskey. The last shot is mine.” – Zachary Patterson, Melrose Umbrella Co.