Komodo Venice Adds Beer to Pair with Your Burrito

The local brews include selections from Inglewood newcomer Three Weavers

Here’s a good outcome of expanding your food-truck operation into a brick-and-mortar restaurant: local craft beer.

The year-old Venice location of fusion-burrito purveyor Komodo will debut its beer menu on Saturday, with Omar Douglas of new Inglewood brewery Three Weavers marking the occasion by offering tastings at the restaurant.

Komodo Venice’s beer menu, with a heavy emphasis on California brews and West Coast IPAs, will include both permanent and revolving selections. The permanent list features Three Weavers Expatriate IPA, which bursts with tropical fruit flavors and our resident beer expert Jolie Myers says “is sure to become an instant classic in the West Coast IPA oeuvre.” Myers recommends pairing this beer with Komodo’s Loco Modo burrito. Other permanent fixtures: Three Weavers Midnight Flight Imperial Stout, Golden Road Hefeweizen, Drakes 1500 Pale Ale, Anchors Lager, and Ace Pineapple Cider. The revolving menu will include Asian beers like Singha, Asahi, Kirin, and OB Golden Lager, as well as closer-to-home imports like Corona Extra.

The wide range of beers makes sense when you consider Komodo executive chef/Phorrito creator Erwin Tjahyadi’s menu is all over the map and includes burritos that are loosely Mexican, Asian, American (deconstructed cheeseburger burrito, anyone?), and Italian (the Roma burrito includes sausage, olives, tomatoes, and parmesan cheese). Plus, it’ll be nice the next time you ask yourself how you’re going to cool your palate after a spicy, Singaporean-style Blazin’ Shrimp burrito and realize there are a lot of options.

redarrowKomodo, 235 Main St., Venice, 310-255-6742