Crossroads Bartender Jeremy Lake Opens New Hollywood Bar Lost Property

Claim rare whiskies and found items at this lost-and-found themed bar

Bartender Jeremy Lake is living the dream. Over a year after taking on his first solo project creating the cocktail program at Chef Tal Ronen’s Crossroads, he teamed up with Ryan Floyd and Walter Schild of the David Myers Group (Hinoki & the Bird, Comme Ca) and partners Rhino Williams and Matthew Jacobs to open up Lost Property in Hollywood.

This brand-new whiskey bar is next door to 33 Taps on the historic Hollywood and Vine intersection. “I feel so blessed. I get emotional about it. It’s amazing,” Lake gushed. “I’m opening my own place and it’s on Hollywood and Vine.” The intimate bar takes over 33 Taps’ little-used event space which can hold 60 people comfortably. Its decor is timeless with blue couches, clean midcentury style tables and a crystal whiskey decanter chandelier. “You can come in here in the ‘40s, ‘50s, ‘80s, ‘90s, today and it will all look exactly the same,” said Lake.

And even though sports attire and flip flops may reign supreme at the adjacent two-level sports bar, Lost Property will have a “just look nice” dress code and a doorman to enforce it. There won’t be a password, though.

Now, the concept of a whiskey bar isn’t new. But a “lost and found” claim check system where you can “claim” (read: spend massive amounts of money on) lost and rare bottles of whiskey is. “We’ll advertise that we have a very rare Macallan coming in and you can buy the bottle if you want to and we’ll keep it in a bag with a ‘lost and found’ tag with your name on it,” explained Lake. “Whenever you come in, you pay a little corkage and you and your friends can sip on your bottle. It’s reserved for you.” The idea is that customers will have fun getting a sense of ownership, knowing that their bottle is waiting there for them.

For the opening, the whiskey list will start out with 50 different brands ranging from a $6 Evan Williams to a $40 rare rye from Northern California, which they only have one bottle of. However, it won’t get super nerdy here with tasting notes laid out in the menu. “A whiskey geek can come in here and I’ll make them a great cocktail and we’ll talk all day long about whiskey. Or a guy who doesn’t know anything about whiskey can come in and have a great time, too,” said Lake.

Cocktails off the standard list will be priced from $9 to $15 while Lake’s more decadent “Why Not?” menu, which spotlights cocktails made with his more high-end spirits, will range from $20 to $100. Another fun aspect of the Lost Property theme takes drunk shopping to another level. “Unclaimed” scarves, hats, sweaters, etc. will decorate the walls and if you see something that should be yours you can claim it.

Or you can turn it into a fun way to buy a drink for a friend who isn’t there. Pick a knickknack and buy a drink for your absentee buddy. The bar will affix a “lost and found” tag to the item and write down the drink. Then your friend can simply come in with their claim check stub to pick up their drink and found item. Don’t worry about missing out. The bar plans to replenish the fake lost items on a regular basis through estate sales and places like Jet Rag.

Lost Property’s grand opening is tomorrow starting at 7 p.m. Hours will be Thursday through Saturday from 7 p.m. to 1:30 a.m.

redarrow Lost Property, 1704 N. Vine St., Hollywood, 323-987-4445