Jeff Bridges Stars in Kahlúa’s “White Russian” Short Film

Careful man, there’s a beverage here!

How it took all these years for someone at the Kahlúa marketing department to recruit Jeff Bridges to do a commercial, we have no idea. After all, the White Russian—that creamy-sweet cocktail made with coffee liqueur—is the preferred beverage of Jeff Bridge’s character in the Coen brother’s 1998 cult classic, The Big Lebowski. The iconic slacker was even forced to make to one with non-dairy creamer in lieu of cream in one particular scene.

Well, someone finally put two and two together, as Kahlúa recently got Bridges to star in their new four-minute advert—or “short film” as they call it—where the grizzled actor drinks a White Russian at the bar and retells a brief 70s-era tale involving cosmonauts and shady thugs (one of whom looks creepily like Adrien Brody) to a modern day tattooed bartender.

Sure, Bridges is far too well-kempt to be The Dude—he’s not wearing a the usual bathrobe and sunglasses—but seeing Jeff Bridges musing on life with a cocktail in hand is probably the closest any film geek will get to seeing him back in action. Barring a Coen sequel, man.

Check out the video below.