It’s a Christmas Miracle! Founders Brewing Company Is Coming to L.A.

The Midwest favorite will start distributing in SoCal in January

Ask and ye shall receive? Well in the case of Founders Brewing Company, the answer is yes! Back in September I wrote a post about breweries that didn’t distribute to Los Angeles… but just might if I wished hard enough. And thanks to my inebriated invocation, Founders Brewing Company has decided to drop their delicious brews on the West Coast. You’re welcome.

“Southern California is home to some phenomenal brewers who have cultivated one of the most passionate beer enthusiast regions in the United States,” says Founders president Mike Stevens in a press release. The Michigan-based brewery is almost a year behind fellow Mitten State favorite Bell’s Brewery in coming to Southern California (Bell’s started distribution here last February).

Founders makes my favorite fruit beer of all time. Rubaeus is a raspberry ale that used to be only available during the summer months. Founders, however, just announced that this lovely little sweet/tart brew would be available year round. Angelenos will never have to live in a world where Rubaeus is only around for a limited time.

And then there is Founder’s wildly popular coffee stout, Breakfast Stout. It rocks a ton of dark chocolate flavor with two kinds of coffee added for an extra kick. The bourbon barrel aged version of this bear, KBS (Kentucky Breakfast Stout), is one of those wait-in-line-for-eight-hours-for-a-four-ounce-pour hype beers.

The wait for Founders won’t be long. You’ll be able to find bottles, cans, and kegs of Founders beer around Los Angeles starting January 1st. Happy New Year indeed.