What to Do (and What Not to Do) to Win L.A. Beer Week 2016

The best week of the year is back. This is your guide to doing it up right

L.A. Beer Week is upon us (June 18-26). And if you follow the rules below, you will absolutely get the most out of this most magical time of the year.

Don’t: Go to the Kickoff Event
I have to admit something to you all. I HATE beer festivals. Every time I go to one, it takes me about five minutes to remember why I hate them so much: It’s generally too hot, there are too many people, parking is BS (I know, holla Expo Line), the lines are long, the beer is cold-ish, and yes I am 8,000 years old. Get off my drought-resistant lawn.

Instead of paying for a ticket to be somewhat-to-totally miserable, just visit a few of L.A.’s better breweries instead. Might I suggest a trip to Long Beach and the South Bay? In one day you can hit some of the best breweries in the area—Beachwood, Smog City, Monkish, Phantom Carriage, El Segundo and Brouwerij West—most of which are air conditioned.

But if beer fests are your jam, you do you. And the ticket money goes to putting on all kinds of actually fun events and support programs for local brewers. So, you know, good cause and all that.

Do: Hit up a Few Tap Takeovers
Tap takeovers are a great way to experience the best of local (and some not-so-local) breweries from the comfort of your own neighborhood beer bar. And L.A. Beer Week often brings out the generous side of brewers—ultra-rare and hard-to-find beers regularly make appearances during L.A. Beer Week tap takeovers. Best bets (and a few are double features!):

Do: Go to Some of the Nerdy Shit
There are all kinds of ways to get your (beer) nerd on during L.A. Beer Week 2016. From educational beer dinners to high-level tasting lessons, Beer Week is all about dropping the brew knowledge. Best bets:

Don’t: Forget that Every Week Is Beer Week
It’s fun to  take it hard to the paint for this very special week each June. But don’t forget that your local brewers need your support all year long. Breweries are the perfect spot to celebrate Father’s Day, take a visiting friend from the wrong coast while they’re in town, or to just pass a lazy Sunday afternoon (a lot of breweries have killer patios). Because here in Los Angeles, every week can be beer week.