Avoid Late-Night Surge Pricing and Get a Free Designated Driver This Weekend

Go bar hopping and leave the keys at home on Saturday thanks to the BeMyDD app

There is nothing more disheartening than leaving the bar after a night of drinking (responsibly, of course), pulling up the Uber app, and seeing that surge pricing has jumped to 3.1 times the normal rate. You’ll take 1.5, that’s totally reasonable, but 3.1? That’s not a surge; that’s an avalanche. You curse L.A.’s city-wide 2 a.m. last call policy, grit your teeth, and press “request.”

This Saturday September 26, not only can you get home safely while avoiding surge pricing roulette, but you can leave your car at the bar and a sober stranger will drive it home for you. And it’s all free—for one night at least. BeMyDD, the nation’s largest on-demand designated driver service, is teaming up with Jack Daniels’ Gentleman Jack Whiskey and Total Wine and More on its 24-city Designated Driver Tour to try and reduce the nation’s drunk driving rate. L.A will be its first stop.

During the event, customers can request a car pickup at no charge from any location within a 50-mile radius from the city center with the BeMyDD smartphone app. A team of drivers will arrive at the customer’s location, one to drive the customer and their car home safely, and the other to retrieve the driver afterwards. “Social responsibility is a huge priority for us” says Arthur Simanovsky, BeMyDD president and CEO. “We’re always looking for ways to make finding a designated driver easier than getting behind the wheel. The 24-City Designated Driver Tour is our biggest opportunity yet to positively impact communities all over the United States, and we are excited to make Los Angeles an important stop on our tour across the country.”

The best part about this—other than, you know, saving lives and benefitting society at large—is that you have a 50 mile radius to play with. Live in Long Beach and don’t get to drink in Malibu as often as you should? Download the app, drink daiquiris on the beach, and get home safely. Cheers.