Hollywood’s Hip and Cozy MiniBar, a Watering Hole in a Best Western, Is Now Open

The owners of 101 Coffee Shop debut a neighboring lounge with just eight cocktails, beer, wine, and rare whiskey

No, the shuttered Cahuenga Boulevard lounge is not rising again—there’s a new MiniBar in town. Opened just last night in the Hollywood Best Western, the 32-seat bar from Brandon Boudet and Warner Ebbink, who also own the adjacent 101 Coffee Shop (as well as Dominick’s, and Little Dom’s), is living up to its name with an abbreviated cocktail list of just eight drinks and a similarly small wine list curated by partner and certified sommelier Jeremy Allen, plus keg, can and bottled beer, and rare whiskeys.

Boudet and Ebbink wanted to fill an niche in the neighborhood with a “no-frills” destination that would provide a “new take on the current cocktail culture,” with Minibar. Still, the intimate spot looks pretty hip with its high bar stools, warm wood accents, gold-dipped tables, and gleaming red and white vinyl chairs and booths. There’s also a ’70s music soundtrack to liven things up and complement the spot’s back-to-basics approach.

Cocktails, which are $15 each, include riffs on classics, like the Fuzzy Navel, Harvey Wallbanger and Manhattan. There’s also a Rusty Nail with an absinthe rinse and an ode to Three’s Company (for those under 30, that refers to a wacky, romping TV show that ran from the late ’70s to the early ’80s) called the Regal Beagle Twinkle Toes described as a “Greyhound, Sloe Gin Fizz, and Kir Royale all in one.” Sounds groovy! We’ll take two—one for me and one for Mr. Furley.

redarrowMiniBar, 6141 Franklin Ave, 323-798-4939