The Head Brewer of Rodenbach Is in Town and It’s Kind of a Big Deal

When Rudi Ghequire comes to town, you know your beer scene has arrived

Rodenbach is sour beer royalty. The Belgian brewery has been turning out quintessential Flemish reds for nearly 200 years, and so when a vassal of the brand takes the time to visit this far flung part of the kingdom, the world takes note.

Rudi Ghequire, brewmaster for Rodenbach for more than 20 years, is here in Los Angeles this week (his first visit ever to L.A.) to take a crash course in the Los Angeles beer scene…. and to make sure Rodenbach is getting in on the explosion of craft beer demand in the area.

After hitting up Belgian beer haven Little Bear Downtown (which he said was running a “special” beer program(!)), Ghequire told me he’s impressed with what Los Angeles has been up to when it comes to beer. “It’s important to drink more actively,” Ghequire says. “Los Angeles is going beyond easy drinking.”

Beers like Rodenbach’s signature red-brown sour and other robust, flavorful beers are in demand in Los Angeles, which shows a more sophisticated drinker. Ghequire also shouted out Beachwood BBQ & Brewing in Long Beach. Beachwood recently expanded its program to include Beachwood Blendery, a spinoff brewery that focuses entirely on wild and sour ales.

“We are happy there is more activity in craft both here in Los Angeles and around the world,” he says. When demand for great beer is high, we all win.