Can You Guess Who Inspired Rockwell Table & Stage’s New Cocktail Menu?


Everyone’s favorite good-time joint in Los Feliz, Rockwell Table & Stage, is honoring the most American of artists—Norman Rockwell, of course—with their summer drink menu.

The restaurant/bar/performance space has four new drinks inspired by Rockwell’s most famous works (well, save for the big turkey on the table known as “Freedom From Want”): Birdsong Peach Lemonade, Miss Mary Jane, Girl in the Mirror, and Muggleston’s Mule (click on pics for ingredients).

The hearty drinks and classic American dishes from Chef Wayne Elias reliably pack the house, but Rockwell’s growing cachet of live musical parodies is garnering attention too (the shows are performed in a 360 degree space, to boot). Rockwell’s recent take on the 1999 classic Cruel Intentions (a wicked remake of Dangerous Liaisons) generated tons of buzz and even got the movie’s megawatt stars—Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Selma Blair—to book a table.

Next up for Rockwell; a musical parody of Clueless. Even virgins who don’t drive are invited.

Rockwell, 1714 N. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles 90027