Go Big or Go Homebrew: Your Creation Could Be The Bruery’s Next Release

If you’ve got what it takes, the Orange County brewery will add your homemade beer to their lineup

Think of it like Project Runway. But instead of fabric shears and the comforting benevolence of Tim Gunn, you’ve got hops and one of the top brewers in the world (attention TV executives: I would watch this show). The Bruery is holding a contest for homebrewers, and the grand prize is a spot in the Placentia-based brewery’s beer lineup. To stretch the metaphor a bit further, that’s like seeing your humble dress design worn by Karlie Kloss and seamlessly (har) integrated into a Marc Jacobs Spring collection.

The contest is called “Batch #???,” a nod to previous homebrew competitions held by The Bruery. Their very first beer, after all, was the result of one of these contests and went by the name of Batch #1. They’ve subsequently held Batch #50, Batch #300, and Batch #1000 contests.

If you seek homebrew glory, keep in mind that The Bruery will only accept certain categories of beer. This should be a surprise to no one. Founder Patrick Rue famously declared that The Bruery will never release an IPA (though he’s since released an IPL and a Belgian pale ale). You can brew any of the following: stout; Belgian and French ale; sour ale; Belgian strong ale; strong ale; fruit beer; spice/herb/vegetable beer; smoke-flavored and wood-aged beer; or a specialty beer.

The deadline to enter is fast approaching. The Bruery will accept submissions-up to 10 per person–from April 1-22. Judging takes place on April 26.

If you think you have what it takes but are experiencing performance anxiety, I am here to help. Specifically, these are beers that don’t exist in The Bruery lineup that I would like to try:

  • A spiced pumpkin Flanders Brown sour. Gourd Bruin?
  • A chai barleywine. Charleywine!
  • A Belgian quad brewed with four different kinds of grains (might I suggest barley, oats, amaranth, and spelt?). Quad².
  • A smoked ale with pear added. Which leads me to my coup de pun: Smokey the Pear.

Or you could just go with your own genius idea. Maybe it’s better that way. Good luck!