Furious Flurry: Highland Park Releases Odin, Its Most Potent Scotch

Drink like a Norse god with this 55.8-percent ABV bottle

If you’re going to name your scotch after a dominant mythological Norse god, you better make it strong. Highland Park–not the L.A. neighborhood but the creator of fine single-malt scotches–understands this quite well. It’s released Odin, “known as The Furious One,” a 16-year scotch bottled at 55.8 percent ABV–the highest of anything the brand has ever sold.

Limited quantities of this $350 whisky, part of Highland Park’s Valhalla Collection along with, yes, Thor (16-year, $200), Loki (15-year, $249), and Freya (15-year, $275), are available, with 17,000 bottles released globally and just 2,400 in the United States.

So if Odin is the father of Thor, we guess this means that Highland Park’s Odin could be even more powerful than lightning in a bottle. This type of strength, by the way, apparently has notes of charred walnuts, oak, and baking spices.