Four Home Bars to Make You Jealous—and Thirsty

Meet L.A.’s most passionate home bar enthusiasts—or as we call them, our new best friends—and the intoxicating items they can’t live without
Home Bars
Photograph by Noah Webb

homebar_tikihutOwner: Nathan Hazard, Cocktail Consultant.
Where: Highland Park.
Prized Possession: “A true swizzle stick—or bois lélé—is a tined branch cut from a Caribbean swizzle stick tree and, with perfect crushed ice, is intrinsic in properly preparing swizzle cocktails.”

Home Bars
Photograph by Noah Webb

homebar_hopshavenOwner: Tomm Carroll, Beer Blogger.
Where: Westchester.
Prized Possession: “My four-tap kegerator is always stocked with suds made at craft breweries less than 15 miles away, such as Monkish, Smog City, Strand, and Three Weaver.”

Photograph by Noah Webb

homebar_liquidlairOwner: Chris Conaway, Bartender.
Where: Mount Washington.
Prized Possession: “I specialize in making whiskey-based stirred cocktails, so I would be dead in the water without my trusty bar spoon and a Yarai mixing glass.”

Photograph by Noah Webb

homebar_grapeescapeOwner: Rich Frank, Producer, Vintner.
Where: Beverly Hills.
Prized Possession: “I made a ‘patriarch’ cabernet in honor of my 98-year-old dad. Also, my German shepherd, Riley, is the ideal wine-drinking companion because he doesn’t talk back.”