Flight Brew: Delta Serves California Craft Beers

With more airlines pouring good beer, getting buzzed on a plane has never been as delicious

The most wonderful time of the year has pretty much wrapped up. But there’s a late holiday gift waiting for you as you schlep back to Los Angeles from wherever it is you hail. Beer. Delicious beer! At 35,000 feet!

Delta Air Lines announced this month that it’s bolstered its craft beer offerings for certain domestic flights coming in and out of L.A.. Beer from California’s Stone Brewing, Lagunitas, and Ballast Point will be on hand to blunt the edges of post-holiday travel.

Delta already struck a deal with Atlanta’s SweetWater Brewing Company earlier in 2014. The addition of the three California breweries and four other American craft beer companies (Blue Point Brewing, Brooklyn Brewery, Newburyport Brewing, and Sam Adams) ups the game considerably.

Delta isn’t the only airline getting in on the craft brew business. United Airlines teamed up with Chicago brewery Goose Island in June to offer 312 Urban Wheat Ale on all domestic flights. (Goose Island is owned by Anheuser-Busch, the makers of Budweiser. But Goose Island is as craft as Shipshewana when it come to quality and attention to detail. Deal with it.) Southwest Airlines serves New Belgium’s Fat Tire, and Virgin America pours beer from San Francisco’s 21st Amendment Brewery.

So listen–if you’re stuck in the middle seat, recalling your uncle Mortimer’s various ailments and seething over your little sister’s awful new boyfriend, you deserve a salve for those very specific wounds. Treat yourself to top-shelf beer. It’s a little taste of first class for those of us riding with the plebes.