The Most Exciting New Beers of Spring

Spring forward with these selections from some of the best breweries out there

The snow is starting to melt, and the sun has finally decided to peak out from behind the clouds. LOL, jk. Here in Southern California, we mark the beginning of spring with new, tasty beverages to imbibe. We have to find some way to celebrate the passing of seasons after all.

And there are some amazing new beers to celebrate the occasion. These are my favorite, must-try beers of spring.

Overnight Bender by Three Weavers
This beer has started to pop up in finer drinking establishments around Los Angeles and it is not to be missed. Overnight Bender is Three Weavers’ take on a Belgian Tripel and it falls on the less-sweet side of the Tripel spectrum. What you get instead is a deliciously floral herbaceousness, which should come as no surprise. Three Weavers, with collaboration partner Arizona Wilderness, added chamomile to the brew. Take a sip and watch for the first wildflowers of spring.

Cocoa Molé by New Belgium
New Belgium’s Cocoa Molé first showed up on the scene in 2012, but it’s back just in time for the first camping trip of spring. The 9-percent-ABV chile porter is chocolate-y with rich caramel notes and a bite of dried red pepper at the finish. Pair this beer with roasted marshmallows and campfire songs for a perfect spring getaway.

Jardinier by The Bruery
Los Angeles is known for its dank and aggressive IPAs. But if you want to ease your way into the summer heat of hops, start with The Bruery’s Jardinier. Jardinier is a Belgian Pale Ale, a sessionable but hoppy ale with bright floral notes and refreshing crispness. Pair this beer with an afternoon of clipping blooms from the garden.

Lilikoi Kepolo by Avery
Lilikoi Kepolo is a fruit punch to the face. Avery brews the Wibier with loads of fresh lilikoi (yellow passion fruit), and the result is a tropical deliciousness unlike anything else out there. The island fruitiness and creamy body make this a great weekend brunch beer. And what could possibly be more spring than a wet brunch? Catch this one while you can. Avery releases only a small amount of the liquid gold at a time.