It’s Easy Being Cheesy with These Cocktails

Forget wine and cheese, drink vodka and cheese at Nic’s Beverly Hills

If the phrase “drink your cheese” makes you imagine getting a little loose with fondue or Velveeta queso dip, Norbert Wabnig of The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills and Larry Nicola of Nic’s Beverly Hills want to offer a more refined option.

Nicola, whose restaurant and martini lounge is home to a frigid vodka tasting chamber known as the Vodbox, has teamed up with Wabnig to create all-in-one cheese and vodka cocktail pairings like the Maytag Repairman–Skyy 90 vodka served up, with Maytag blue cheese olives. (Nic’s has also made this drink with Chopin potata vodka.) Other cocktails that make it easy to be cheesy include The Pope’s in Town (Mezzaluna vodka served up, with blueberries and a Gorgonzola garnish), and What a Nice Pear You Have (Grey Goose La Poire Vodka and pear juice topped with a shave of Parmesan).

But if you really would still prefer a wine-and-cheese experience, Nicola will meet you halfway with the Wine & Cheese Martini, featuring Idol vodka (made from Chardonnay and Pinot grapes), Pinot Noir juice, and a slice of Morbier.

By the way, if you need a reason to indulge in these drinks, today is National Cheese Lover’s Day. How seriously you take this occasion can help determine how many of these drinks you want to try.

redarrow The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills, 419 N. Beverly Dr., Beverly Hills, 310-278-2855

redarrow Nic’s Beverly Hills, 453 N. Canon Dr., Beverly Hills, 310-550-5707