DTLA Now Has a Permanent Booze Museum


We love the Seven Grand Whiskey Bar—which sits above DTLA’s bustling Seventh Street—for many reasons. First, the mint juleps and Manhattans are to die for. Second, the sexy stairwell, dark ambience, and airy space are nearly unmatched in the city. Third, the bar was classing up DTLA way before the Arts District exploded or Whole Foods was a twinkle in Councilman Jose Huizar’s eye. Now, fourthly, we adore it because it hosts it’s very own permanent alcohol exhibit.

Starting this week, Seven Grand is host the Museum of the American Cocktail’s first permanent L.A. exhibit (there’s another in New Orleans, fittingly). Joe Keeper, the maestro at Silver Lake’s Bar Keeper, serves as curator, MOTAC tells us. The gallery space features “rare and funky whiskey artifacts, a range of ‘lost spirits’ and ‘noble experiments,’ a selection of rare books and menus, and a few surprises.”

A little bit about MOTAC: It’s a nonprofit division of the Study of Food & Beverage Institute that works to celebrate and commemorate the art of drink-making through media and exhibits, including the permanent ones in L.A. and NOLA, and temporary ones in cities like New York and D.C. Encouragingly, MOTAC says they work to “boost career opportunities in the spirits industry and encourage greater participation by women and others under-represented in the field.” We like that—see you at Seven Grand!

redarrowSeven Grand, 515 W. 7th Street