Drink Up! It’s Whiskey Week

We’re breaking down all the reasons to love L.A.’s hot spirit <i>du jour</i>

Kick back, grab a tumbler, tip a bottle until that golden magic starts flowing out and be thankful for all the times you chose not to drink clear liquor. Today kicks off Los Angeles magazine’s first ever official whiskey week (on top of the many unofficial whiskey weeks, if you know what we’re sayin’), where we’ll be breaking down all the tricky alcohol taxonomies, shining a spotlight on some new names in the industry that you need to know, and giving the run down on which whiskey club is right for you. Yes, you!

We also found a bartender who loves whiskey so much that she makes her own liquor-themed dresses; there’s a review on a new variety of Jameson that’s trying to capitalize on the craft beer craze; and a wine bar that’s hiding some of L.A.’s best whiskey bottles.

It all culminates in the first annual Whiskey Event at the La Brea Tar Pits this Thursday, February 18, where you’ll be sipping on tastings from Ardbeg, Balvenie, Black Bull Scotch Whisky, Bruichladdich, Bulleit Bourbon, Four Roses Bourbon, Glenfiddich, Glenmorangie, Jack Daniels, Michter’s Distillery, Old Forester, and more. It’s a lot, we know—probably take an Uber or something. See you there.