The Fishbowl Cocktail at Salazar Comes with a Treasure Chest and Gummy Sharks

It’s like you’re literally drinking the ocean

This fishbowl cocktail at Salazar in Frogtown isn’t one that I just happened upon during my drinking travels. I actually first spotted the Savila y Coco cocktail on Salazar beverage director Aaron Melendrez’s Instagram and then hunted it down. I mean, who can resist a cocktail which is not only served in an actual fishbowl but comes with its own treasure chest and gummy sharks? Bonus that it actually tastes good.

When your Tiki inspiration is closer to home than a tropical island.
When your Tiki inspiration is closer to home than a tropical island.

Photograph by Caroline on Crack

Although made with an ounce each of Bulldog gin and La Nina espadin mezcal, you’d be hard-pressed to pick up those flavors here, let alone their boozy heat. The fresh aloe pulp, coconut water, mint, elderflower, coconut liqueur, salt, and chlorophyll do a great job of masking them in a tasty way. (Chlorophyll—not just for tenth grade bio class anymore!) Not only does it give the cocktail that unusual “underwater” greenish teal hue but, thanks to its mint extract, a eucalyptus note.

And I don’t say this about a lot of cocktails but this one actually improves after some dilution with ice. The Savila y Coco’s drinkability and flavors hit a sweet spot after several minutes of sitting.

Melendrez says this agua fresca is like any Tiki drink: potent and flavorful and better suited for nighttime drinking. But don’t let that stop you from enjoying it during brunch—just keep in mind you’ll want to take a nap after.

Salazar's Aaron Melendrez and Cornerstone's Alex Straus showing how it's done.
Salazar’s Aaron Melendrez and Cornerstone’s Alex Straus showing how it’s done.

Photograph courtesy of Alex Straus

The Savila y Coco (single 6-ounce serving is $15/large format one is $60) will only be available for three more weeks as Salazar regularly changes up its agua frescas.

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