Downtown’s Newest Speakeasy Will Take You Back to the ’50s

Birds & Bees is putting a fresh spin on forgotten cocktail classics

A subterranean lair formerly occupied by an LAPD gym has been transformed into Birds & Bees, a Mad Men-esque haunt, with vintage furnishings and a loungey conversation pit. The staff’s eagerness to please and their throwback frilly aprons complete the illusion that you’re swilling with the Drapers. Picture a swinging cocktail party, circa 1960, with Antônio Carlos Jobim playing on the hi-fi.

When it comes to the drinks, Instagram-worthy embellishments like green matcha foam and supersize tiki vessels dress up midcentury-inspired creations like the Royal Hawaiian, a tropical gin classic, and the Pat Boone, a boozy ode to the squeaky-clean ’50s pop star with almond-infused rye and absinthe. The bar’s “Violet Hour” offers $8 gin martinis and daiquiris from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. six nights a week—yup, even on Saturday.