Beer Cocktails Get a Makeover at Plan Check

The long-neglected pairing of beer and spirits is getting new attention from creative L.A. bartenders

Let us first address the haters: Beer can be mixed into cocktail form with delicious success. We’re not talking about a simple shandy or an Irish Car Bomb (bless its heart). So, beer purists? Let’s not get our pint glasses in a bunch.

Just ask expert mixologist Brady Weise. You can usually find Weise slinging potables at the 1886 Bar or Dog Haus Biergarten in Pasadena. But Weise took some time this week to bring the gospel of beer cocktails to Plan Check Fairfax. “The style is new, but the idea is old,” Weise says. “Adding beer to a cocktail is a great way to give that drink a lift. To give it new dimension.”

Take Weise’s version of a dark and stormy. Usually, the “dark” is rum and the “stormy” is ginger beer. But Weise drops the rum, adds a barrel-aged stout and completely reinvents an old favorite with great results.  “The great thing about pairing beer with spirits is that you have all these new tools in your toolbox,” he says.

For the Plan Check event, Weise is teaming up with Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits for some new mixes. To wit:

Fugu small batch vodka, grapefruit IPA

Apple a Day
Berentzen apple schnapps, smoked lager

Oude (2) D.B.
Barrel-rested gin, blackberry ale

And so we shall address the haters once more. Or more accurately, we’ll let Weise address he who throweth the most shade: “Come try my stuff. I’ll make you a believer.”

If you’re looking to take his challenge, Weise will be crafting at Plan Check through the weekend.

redarrow Plan Check, 351 N. Fairfax Ave., Fairfax District