Corazon y Miel’s Eduardo Ruiz to Open Picnik in Pasadena Next Week

Hot on the heels of a three-star review, Ruiz looks ahead

Eduardo Ruiz, the chef and co-owner of Corazón y Miel—the modern Mexican restaurant that’s the subject of restaurant critic Patric Kuh’s March review—is gearing up to open a second concept, reports the Los Angeles Times. Picnik, a sausage and beer bar, is scheduled to open on March 15 in Old Town Pasadena. It’s a departure for Ruiz, though an exciting one.

Picnik is a parternship between Ruiz and Michael Puglisi, formerly of Bouchon. For their new project, the pair are aiming for an old world approach. Sausages will be hand-ground and blended, and Ruiz told the Times that “everything will be twisted and cased by hand.” Some pork sausages will be single-breed varieties, made from Duroc heritage pigs sourced from Compart Family Farms.

The menu includes a “peasant sausage,” made with leeks, wine, and herbs; a “hunter’s sausage” with smoked onion and garlic; ground lamb merguez; chorizo; bratwurst; and Italian links. All sausages will be served sandwich-style on soft baguettes. A portobello vegetarian sandwich will also be on offer. Topping options include sauerkraut, pickled red cabbage, sautéed peppers, and sautéed onions. Get your sandwich with a side of hand-punched fries, macaroni and cheese, potato salad, or a seasonal vegetable.

About 20 beers will be on tap, some local, some European; if a liquor license is approved, craft cocktails will follow. The 12,000 square foot space will also eventually house a retail area, breakfast pop-up, coffee bar, and wine shop.

Pasadena’s newest is set to serve next Saturday, March 15 for lunch, dinner, and until midnight. Picnik, 168 W. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena,