Coming Soon: Firestone Walker’s Mini Brewery in Venice

With construction underway, the Central Coast brewery will open its new outpost by the end of the year

There is a serious dearth of breweries on the Westside of Los Angeles. Northeast L.A. has Eagle Rock Brewery, Golden Road Brewing and Highland Park Brewery. Downtown is set to explode with new breweries in the coming months (new friends for the well-established Angel City Brewery). Throw a rock in the South Bay and you’ll hit a brewery. Inglewood, Pasadena, The Valley each host world-class breweries with rabid fan bases. So, uh, hey Westside, where you at?

Thankfully,  Firestone Walker Brewing Company is here to save Westsiders from having to sit in traffic for 8,000,000 years in order to enjoy a freshly-brewed beer. The Paso Robles-based craft brewery has finally started construction on a new outpost in Venice (they bought the property back in 2013, but only got the city’s green light to gut the existing buildings three months ago).

“Most of our fans and loyal customers are in Los Angeles, so it just made sense to get closer,” Firestone Walker co-founder David Walker says.

As in right-on-the-edge-of-Venice close—the brewery will sit just west of Lincoln Boulevard on Washington Boulevard. There will be a taproom/restaurant, a retail shop, and a space for beer education. People can stop by to learn about hop varieties, how to perfect a beer blend, and home brewing 101.

The space in Venice will act as a “perfectly-formed mini brewery,” according to Walker. All of your Firestone Walker favorites will be on hand, but Walker says they’ll use the mini brewery to experiment with new, exclusive-to-L.A. recipes.

“This is where we’ll play with wild and crazy ideas,” he says.

Perhaps one of the wildest and craziest ideas: that the brewery will open its doors by the end of summer. Walker acknowledges that he’s probably being a bit optimistic with his prediction.

“Hey, with beer drinkers, the pint glass is nearly always half full,” says the ever-hopeful brewer.

Look for Firestone Walker Venice by the end of 2015.