Cocktail Tale: The Church Key’s Canned Bloody Mary

The Bloody Mary bar comes to you

This past Mother’s Day, The Church Key on Sunset Boulevard debuted my new favorite way to day-drink: The Canned Bloody Mary. This new canned cocktail, which is prepared the day before, is delivered on one of those roving carts during weekend brunch and comes with your choice of pickled veggie—asparagus, green beans, onions, etc.—as well as flavored ice, be it celery water and jalapeno or tomato water and horseradish. You can also choose between vodka or tequila. Beverage director Devon Espinosa said he’s also considering including mezcal.

After the server pops open the can for you via church key (unbearably apropos), you control how strong or tomato-y you want your Bloody by pouring as much juice as you want. So don’t complain if you can’t taste the booze, because that’s all on you.

So why apply this treatment this to everyone’s favorite hangover savior? Besides it being Church Key’s thing to can cocktails, like the Negroni, Espinosa really wanted to execute the look of the Campbell’s tomato soup label for something fun and kitschy. But for the cocktail recipe itself he stuck to the classic.

“Every time I go to a place that tries to do a variation of a Bloody Mary, it’s never as good as an original Bloody Mary,” said Espinosa. “People do wasabi foam, people use banana ketchup, shit like that in their Bloody Marys, which is great and fun and brand-new. But I’m in love with a classic Bloody Mary that has horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper.”

His Mary is a straightforward mix of roasted tomatoes, which lend a smoky sweetness, and the basics: lemon and lime juices, kosher salt, celery salt, Worcestershire, horseradish, and Tabasco.

Ironically, this will probably be the freshest-tasting tomato concoction you ever had from a can.

For those not into tomato juice, Church Key also has a “Mile High” champagne cocktail cart during brunch which offers little bottles of pre-batched cocktails like the Aviation, Aperol Spritz, and Air Mail.

Brunch is Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The Church Key, 8730 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, 424-249-3700.