Cocktail Party Essentials: How to Curate the Perfect Bar

The bar makes the party, and these items make the bar. Joseph Brooke shares his must-haves

Bitters Vial
Even the most attentive mixologist values the precision of this gadget, which ensures consistency with every dash.

Cane Sugar Sodas Brooke chooses naturally sweetened soft drinks, with the exception of standbys ginger ale and Coke.

Cappa Pisco
, a spirit fermented from grapes, is the hooch du jour. Honor tradition with a pisco sour or try a chilcano (pisco, lime, and ginger ale).

cocktailpicksCocktail Picks
Toothpicks are so passé. Skewering fruit on reusable metal spears adds a sophisticated flourish to drinks.

ebaloyEbaloy Citrus Squeezer
Cocktails made with fresh juice are always appreciated. With two spouts for pouring, the Ebaloy does double duty.

86 The 86 Co. Spirits
Ergonomic bottles—with scored lines for batch drinks—set this brand’s gin, rum, tequila, and vodka apart.

highlandparkHighland Park Scotch
This complex whiskey has more notes than a Bach concerto. Sip slowly.

italianmixingglassItalian Mixing Glass
The contraption can mix up to five drinks at a time. Negronis all around!

knob_creek_ryeKnob Creek Rye
Rye whiskey? More like rye risky: At 100 proof this small-batch spirit is dangerous but delicious.

Brooke says guests love this cute fruit. A lidded (and trendy) mason jar discourages finger-foraging.

tequilatapatioTapatio Tequila
Like wine, terroir can affect tequila. The acidity in this “highland” brand (distilled at a high elevation) balances drinks.

Bartenders touch all sorts of nasty things (like cash). Lemon wedges stay germ-free with this tool.

Photograph courtesy (1), (2) Edwig Coursey, (3) Lockyer, (4), (5), (6), (7), (8), (9) Wagenner, (10), (11)