Cocktail Couture: Drink in These Dresses from the 2015 Emmys

These gorgeous gowns will drive you to drink

First, props to the 67th Emmy Awards attendees for being able to sport couture in this insane September heat. It was a reported 97 degrees at the Microsoft Theatre yesterday. Emmy-winning Allison Janney aptly called it “Bikram Emmys.” But all the stars tromped around in long gowns and tuxes with nary a frown or sweat stain.

There weren’t many stand-out trends at the 2015 Emmys but most attire, at least for the women, looked to accommodate the heat with bare shoulders and even a few “naked” dresses. Colors were popular with yellow (see: Taylor Schilling, Sufe Bradshaw, Heidi Klum) and pink (Joanne Froggatt, Joanna Newsome, Maisie Williams) seeming to dominate the awards show. But I know the question on everyone’s minds is not “Who were they wearing?” but which L.A. drink inspired their look?

Lena Headey

Lena Headey with Hatchet Hall's Metropolitan
Lena Headey with Hatchet Hall’s Metropolitan

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Vanity Fair‘s blog noted that the crystal beaded overlay of Game of Thrones Lena Headey’s sexy garnet Zuhair Murad halter gown reminded them of “glittering dragon scale” but I’m thinking it looks like the condensation on the glass of the raspberry-hued Metropolitan cocktail at Hatchet Hall.

Uzo Aduba

Uzo Aduba with Scopa Italian Roots' Berry Manilow: gin, lemon, egg white, sugar, blackberries, mint
Uzo Aduba with Scopa Italian Roots’ Berry Manilow: gin, lemon, egg white, sugar, blackberries, mint

Photograph courtesy of on Crack

Emmy show watchers made crazy eyes at two-time Emmy winner Uzo Aduba (OITNB), who looked stunning in her Jonathan Cohen pink and navy halterneck dress. The paint-spattered theme of the dress is represented in the bitters pinstripes of Scopa Italian Roots’ Berry Manilow.

Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox with Spare Room's Electra Complex
Laverne Cox with Spare Room’s Electra Complex

Photograph courtesy of / by Caroline on Crack

Never mind the brilliant blue of Spare Room’s Electra Complex cocktail and Laverne Cox’s silk crepe cut-out dress from the Calvin Klein Collection, check out the come-hither-look of the 31-year-old beauty from Orange Is the New Black and that orchid garnish.

Laura Prepon

Laura Prepon with Chestnut Club's Martinique Negroni
Laura Prepon with Chestnut Club’s Martinique Negroni

Photograph courtesy of on Crack

The red custom Christian Siriano gown worn by the austere-looking Laura Prepon of Orange Is the New Black is the twin of The Chestnut Club’s ruby-colored Martinique Negroni down to the matching texture of that gold bolero and orange peel garnish.

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum with Avenue 31's White Balsamic Negroni
Heidi Klum with Avenue 31’s White Balsamic Negroni

Photograph courtesy of on Crack

While most red carpet steppers were sweating buckets in their satin, silk crepe, or brocade gowns America’s Got Talent‘s Heidi Klum was flitting around in her yellow barely-there Versace gown. Its motley mix of textures and fabrics is sort of like that blooming fennel in Avenue 31’s White Balsamic Negroni. Although the busy-ness put Heidi’s dress on many “Worst Dressed” lists, the obtrusive cocktail garnish makes for an eye-catching Instagram post.

Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm and a Tall Drink of Water
Jon Hamm and a Tall Drink of Water

Photograph courtesy by Enid Martindale/Flicker

This is self-explanatory.