Pair Your Pulled Pork with One of Charcoal’s 80-Plus Whiskey Selections

The new Silver Lake barbecue spot features a Manhattan that has been aged in an oak cask for five months

The brisket at Charcoal, the new barbecue joint in Silver Lake, is hardly the only thing on the menu that’s a purposefully slow and precise process.

The restaurant also wants to be considered a serious whiskey bar—something like the Eastside answer to Grain at Playa Provisions—so it’s put together more than 80 selections including small-batch bourbon, rye, and scotch. And if you’re impressed by brisket that takes more than 12 hours to prepare, you might have an appreciation for the barrel-aged Manhattan. The cocktail, which is aged in an oak cask for five months, includes Templeton Rye, Carpano Antica, and a mixture of Angostura bitters and Regan’s Orange bitters.

For those looking for something fresh and fruity instead, executive barman Matthew Cavanaugh also has bourbon cocktails like The PD with a lemon wedge, simple syrup, raspberries, mint leaves, and a mint-sprig garnish.

Whatever you drink from the cocktail menu or pick from a selection of whiskeys that spans 13 states—maybe some hop-flavored Charbay R5 whiskey distilled from Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA is also in order—this is a place where the point seems to be taking your time.

redarrow Charcoal, 2611 N. Hyperion Ave., Silver Lake, 323-300-5500