Can’t Afford a $90,000 Bottle of Cognac? Get Your Own Pour

If a half-ounce of the priciest Remy Martin is still too budget-breaking, The Peninsula Beverly Hills has plenty of other luxury options

Good news for high rollers on a budget (or those who aspire to be high rollers): You don’t need $90,000 to try a $90,000 bottle of cognac. Bad news: You still need $800.

As part of its new Remarkable Spirits menu, The Peninsula Beverly Hills is offering an $800, half-ounce pour of Louis XIII Rare Cask 42,6, the crown jewel of Remy Martin’s luxury cognacs. So, yes, if enduring regular 200-point swings in the Dow have made you more Zen about your finances or if you just want to pretend like you made $72 million trading stocks, you can go a lot crazier than New Year’s Eve dinner at Providence.

The hotel’s Remarkable Spirits collection also includes Louis XIII Black Pearl Limited Edition ($630 for a half-ounce), from a heavily protected single barrel at the Remy Martin family’s personal estate, as well as the more accessible Louis XIII ($115 for a half-ounce), which is billed as having 250 discrete flavors. It’s probably going to take multiple sips for you to identify most of them. No gulping!

The Peninsula is the only place in the country that has all three of these cognacs. The Dorchester in London is the only other spot that carries them. Even better, the coveted Louis XIII Rare Cask, 42,6, could cost you $90,000 if you manage to find a bottle of it elsewhere, but The Peninsula is willing to sell the entire bottle for $40,000.

“It’s not outside the line for us,” Michael Ploetz, the food and beverage director at The Peninsula says of the cognac, which he hasn’t tasted because the bottle, under lock and key, is still sealed. “The Club Bar [at the Peninsula] is such an iconic place to have a drink. We thought about what happens at the bar, what the guests there would really want. “

What some guests likely want, though, is something less expensive, so Ploetz also wanted to find spirits that are more reasonably priced but similarly striking. Single-malt Scotch drinkers, for example, can have a pour of a Macallan 30-year, aged in a sherry oak cask, for $89.

For those with an unlimited bankroll, however, $800 for Remy Martin isn’t outlandish. In February, XS Las Vegas, Steve Wynn’s nightclub colossus, had a $5,000 fifth-anniversary cocktail that included Louis XIII Rare Cask 42,6 plus a bunch of other elite liquors that you likely wouldn’t want to mix with anything.

Ploetz says he won’t be surprised if one Peninsula customer ends up buying the whole bottle.

“That’s what the reigning bet is, that it will go in one swoop,” he says. “My guess is someone will take the entire bottle, maybe take it up to their room. My hope is many people get to enjoy it, but we’ll see what happens.”

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