Brush and Buzz: Paint While You Drink Wine in L.A. and Maybe Even Italy

Keep the vino flowing at Paint Your Guts Out classes and retreats

It’s almost the end of January, which no doubt means that you’ve realized your resolutions to be more virtuous, healthy, and artistic have cut down on your valuable drinking time. L.A.’s Paint Your Guts Out is here to offer solutions.

On every Tuesday through May 19, the art-coaching organization that offers workshops, classes, one-on-one instruction, and even retreats, is having its Intuitive Watercolors & Wine Night, where you can bring your favorite bottle and get buzzed while learning basic painting techniques and working with different art materials like ink, charcoal, and watercolor pencils. Wine boosts creativity, after all, and whatever you paint is yours to keep. No painting experience necessary. Classes ($35 for one, $60 for two, supplies included) are at the private Garden Art Studio on South Spaulding Avenue in Mid-City.

Paint Your Guts Out will host a Tuscan retreat in April
Paint Your Guts Out will host a Tuscan retreat in April

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If you want to fully immerse yourself in art and wine, Paint Your Guts Out founder Montine Blank is also hosting a five-day Tuscan retreat from April 12-17. The daily painting, meditation, and “restorative movement sessions” in Montisi, Tuscany, are key to this journey, but visitors also get to enjoy a wine tasting in a 17th-century farmhouse. They can also go hiking and book additional relaxing and enriching experiences like horseback riding, massages, and winery tours. Plus, the Montisi Film Festival takes place at the same time. Pricing starts at $1,650, which includes art materials, locally sourced Italian meals from chef Marco Gaultieri, the wine tasting, and a cooking class. Airfare is not included. Pricing with lodging start at $1,900.