Every Boozy Treat at Break Room 86’s New Ice Cream Truck

All the things you could get from your childhood ice cream joint—but with booze!

Last Thursday, Koreatown’s ’80s-themed bar Break Room 86 debuted its brand-new boozy ice cream truck on its patio. Just in time for an early spring! The outdoor bar is serving up frozen treats, from Coolhaus’ cocktail-inspired ice cream sandwiches to BuzzBar’s alcohol-infused frozen bars. And remember the boozy push-up pops that debuted when Break Room 86 first opened, but then disappeared? They’re back!

The ice cream truck was actually an answer to a push-up pop dilemma. Since the main bar doesn’t have adequate space to keep the frozen treats from melting they had to chuck that idea right away. At first, Break Room 86 owners Mark and Jonnie Houston were going to do an ice cream cart that could be pushed around the venue. But next thing bar manager Christine Wiseman knew, the twins had built an ice cream truck facade right on the patio, complete with wheels and illustrated menu on the outside.

If you ever ran after an ice cream truck when you were a kid, seeing the truck for the first time will be a huge deja vu moment. The only thing it’s missing is a driver seat, engine, and the annoying ice cream truck song (we’re grateful for that).

But it does come with its own bar so the bartender/ice cream man/woman will be able to make highballs and pour shots. You can’t, however, order Break Room 86’s specialty cocktails out there but you can get those boozy push-up pops which are the equivalent of one cocktail containing 2 ounces of liquor.

There will also be bottled cocktails featuring flavors from your childhood. They’re still being developed but Wiseman hints at fizzy and fruity with orange soda and gin, grape and vodka, cherry Coke and rum.

For those who want to play it straight there is also the Chocotaco and Rocket Pop frozen treats as well as snacks like licorice ropes, Funyuns, Laffy Taffy, Twinkies, and all that other good stuff that your mom wouldn’t let you eat before.

The truck is open for business 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. But if you want to make boozy push-up pops right now, or for your own springtime party, here’s Wiseman’s recipe for the Coconut Crush Push-Up Pops made with gin and Jager.

Coconut Crush Push-Up Pops
by Christine Wiseman, Break Room 86
Serves 25

1 bottle (750 ml) Aviation gin
9 oz Jagermeister
18 oz coconut milk
9 oz Coco Lopez
27 oz pineapple juice

Mix it all together, pour it into a mold and freeze it overnight. Almost two ounces of booze in each pop.

redarrow Break Room 86 at The Line, 630 S Ardmore Ave., Koreatown, 323-515-3401