These Are the Best Dog-Friendly Bars in Los Angeles

Be a responsible pet parent and take your pup on a win-win field trip

Nothing beats canine companionship. My pitbull Mya is the sweetest, most chill dog, and if I could take her everywhere with me I totally would. However, since she won’t fit in a bag (she’s 55 pounds) and is not a service dog, or even a fake service dog, she has to stay home while I’m out doing my drink thing.

Fortunately, since that “dining with dogs” law passed in 2015, many businesses have opened their patios to pooches. Here are a few of my favorite spots to grab a drink with Mya (some of which even give her a water bowl and offer a dog food menu).

The Rose Cafe

Chilling with your furry bffs.
Chilling with your furry bffs.

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Nothing like grabbing a drink here after a day at the beach with my baby girl. Rose Cafe in Venice has a couple of great dog-friendly seating options. There’s an outdoor front patio off Rose Avenue, but you have to see the hostess to get seated. Or you can seat yourself in the “beer garden” located right by the entrance near the parking lot. THAT’s my favorite spot because of its proximity to the indoor bar. Take your pick from the wine selection, craft beer, or that well-done cocktail program. 220 Rose Avenue, Venice, 310-399-0711.

The Lincoln

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The Lincoln near Venice kicked off its own monthly “Dog Day Afternoon” doggy happy hour on July 10 from 3 to 8 p.m. It’s perhaps the best happy hour ever! Not for its drink specials but for all the puppies. Dog rescue charity Best Friends will bring an adoptable dog to the event, along with a canine ambassador. And guests will have the opportunity to donate to the cause with the bar matching every dollar given that day. Bonus is that there will be dog treats, toys, and water bowls to pamper your pooch while you partake of the drink specials that include a $12 rose flight and the Bark at the Moon cocktail (gin, sweet vermouth, amaretto, mandarin, lemon, and egg). 2536 Lincoln Boulevard, Venice, 310-822-1715.


Strawberry Pimm's Cup on Paley's patio.
Strawberry Pimm’s Cup on Paley’s patio with pitbull.

Photograph by Caroline on Crack

Paley in Hollywood has a lovely outdoor patio for dining but also a corner with lounge seats for imbibing with your hound and taking in the view of Sunset Boulevard traffic. Drink options range from craft cocktails like the refreshing Strawberry Pimm’s Cup to mocktails, as well as wine by the glass and a smattering of beer options. 6115 Sunset Boulevard #100, Hollywood, 323-544-9430.

The Idle Hour

Enjoy a cocktail soda on the patio with a giant bulldog. Sentimental Lady: Ford's Gin, Giffard Pamplemousse, lemon, soda
Enjoy a cocktail soda on the patio with a giant bulldog. Sentimental Lady: Ford’s Gin, Giffard Pamplemousse, lemon, soda

Photograph by Caroline on Crack

Idle Hour hasn’t been Mya-tested yet but this 1933 Group bar-restaurant actually features a dog beacon of sorts: that giant pipe-smoking bulldog on its dog-friendly patio. How can you resist Instagramming your puppy with that big ‘un? And if you’re super thirsty, you can take your pick from 24 beer taps, beer and shot combos, and cocktails. 4824 Vineland Avenue, North Hollywood, 818-980-5604.

The Eveleigh

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Off schmancy Sunset Strip is Eveleigh’s oasis of a patio. Equipped with astroturf, it’s a sweet spot for puppies to lounge and roll around. But for you there are seasonal cocktails, including a bottled G&T and a cocktail on tap. If it’s hot out, order up day-friendly favorite, the Eveleigh Lemonade made with chamomile-infused tequila, Combier, Cocchi Americano, fresh lemon juice, and honey. 8752 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, 424-239-1630.

The Morrisson 

Something to wag about on the Morrison patio.
Something to wag about on the Morrison patio.

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The patio situation at The Morrison is kind of tight: a narrow strip of two-tops looking out onto Los Feliz Boulevard. But here they LOVE your dog giving him or her treats and their very own water bowl. Not to mention the pub offers a special doggy food menu with dishes like “Where’s the Beef” chopped hamburger with rice. I couldn’t indulge Mya that way since her diet is very particular but she loved the Milkbones. I loved the whiskey list which has decent offerings including the peatiest scotch Octomore and my fave WL Weller Special Reserve. 3179 Los Feliz Boulevard, Los Feliz, 323-667-1839.


Labradoodle cools down with a cocktail at Salazar.
Labradoodle cools down with a cocktail at Salazar.

Photograph courtesy of Aaron Melendrez

Salazar in Frogtown is uber puppy-friendly. If you LOVE dog watching, this is the spot as they seem to be everywhere. In all shapes and sizes. But add to that that the cocktail program by Aaron Melendrez is on point and this is one of my most favorite dog-friendly drinking spots. Nothing beats sitting outside on a beautiful night with Mya and a delicious cocktail like the Joven y Alocada with Plantation pineapple rum, Plantation 5-year rum, Neisson rhum agricole, pistachio orgeat, tepache, coconut water, lime. 2490 Fletcher Drive, Frogtown.

The Stark Bar

Not now, Mya, Mommy is working.
Not now, Mya, Mommy is working.

Photograph by Caroline on Crack

The Stark Bar at LACMA is the perfect spot to chill after running around Levitated Mass and playing chase in the Urban Lights. They’ve got cocktails but I’m a fan of sipping on bubbly while people watching and enjoying Jazz Nights on this modern artsy patio. And now til August 28 they’re offering fresh lobster dishes with rose! 5905 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, 323-857-6180.