Trade Your “Crap Beer” for a Craft Beer at Beer Belly

Bring a Budweiser and get a one-cent craft beer at the Koreatown gastropub on Saturday

This past Sunday, the craft beer industry got all fired up about Budweiser’s Super Bowl ad. The ad not only mocked craft beer but the fine folks who drink it, too. Nice one, Bud. Way to alienate the people you’re trying to win over. Add to that the macro beer company’s hypocrisy–it specifically called out “pumpkin peach ale” when in fact Elysian Brewing, its sister craft brewery in Seattle, has one such beer. Needless to say, it’s macro lashing out blindly at craft. Scared silly because Americans are drinking more craft than Bud now.

In response, Koreatown craft beer bar Beer Belly is resurrecting its “Crap for Craft” event where beer lovers can trade in their Budweisers for a craft beer on tap for a mere penny! In the past, the bar accepted any “crap beer” during this event, but for this one they take aim at the “King of Beers.”

So if you do like fussing over and dissecting craft beer along with drinking it, dig out that box of Buds left over from your college days and haul it to Beer Belly on Saturday from 12 to 4 p.m. They’ll take them all, but it’s one $.01 craft beer per person.

What will they do with all the discarded macros? They’re open to ideas and suggestions from the community. (Budweiser bath!) But right now, the plan is to dispose of the beer and recycle the cans/bottles.

redarrow Beer Belly, 532 Western Ave., Koreatown, (213) 387-2337